Manna in the desert

Sonnenuntergang auf dem Sinai
Sundown on the Sinai

The bible is full of events best explained as involvement of aliens, alternative authors like Erich von Daeniken claim. If those events are historical, there is no way that they could have happened naturally. One example is the trek of the israelites through the Sinai desert after their exodus from Egypt. For forty years they wandered around in this arid climate, without water, without food, but The Lord cared for them.
Alternative authors are sure: "The Lord" was in fact an alien who had chosen the Israelites for sociological studies who used technical means to provide for his people. But how was this providing done exactly?
For sure there were no daily provision drops from spaceships, they would be mentioned in the bible. So the provision with food must have been done on location. With a technical device the Egyptians always carried around.
Then there is the story about that mysterious substance "Manna" the israelites lived from during their years in the desert. Every morning it was simply there, lying around in the desert. Given by The Lord, and nobody today knows where it came from.
And wasn't it that the lord himself gave order to build a strange chest from acacia wood? There are many stories about the strange properties of this chest in the bible - is it possible that this chest was a transportation unit for a high tech machine which produced manna? A sort of bio reactor?

This speculation is for some decades now part of the PA. Two British engineers were successful in designing a technical device which is able to do the trick, to produce Manna, mobile and for the layman's eye out of nothing. So they say. The machine, published in the april edition of the "New Scientist" (and therefore regarded as joke by many readers) is described in such a great detail and with so many calculations, that it is now one of the most important pieces of evidence for contact with aliens in antiquity. And since there has been no scientific critique since 1976 the machine is seen as reality by many alternative authors.

Is this really the long sought proof?

All pictures and texts © Frank Dörnenburg